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WATCH: Large dog rescued from small storm drain in Missouri


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(UPI) Animal rescuers and firefighters in Missouri came to the rescue of a large dog that somehow ended up trapped in a storm drain.

The KC Pet Project said a resident reported hearing mysterious barking for at least two days in their Kansas City neighborhood before discovering the cause was a pit bull trapped in a storm drain.

"The reporting party called us, was pretty frantic when they called because they had heard barking for a couple of days and realized it was coming from this dog that was stuck in a sewer," Tori Fugate with the KC Pet Project told KMBC-TV.

The KC Pet Project shared photos to Facebook showing the large, approximately 1-year-old dog sticking its snout out through the storm drain opening.

Rescuers arrived on the scene and called the Kansas City Fire Department for assistance.


Firefighters were able to open a manhole to rescue the canine.

The KC Pet Project, which is now caring for the dog, said rescuers have no idea how the 70-pound pooch came to be stranded in such a small space.

The dog was wearing a collar at the time of the rescue, but did not have any identifying tags or a microchip.

"We're hopeful that someone will recognize him and come to reclaim him. If not, he'll be available for adoption here after his stray hold," Fugate said.

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