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Veterinarians remove 38 hair ties from cat's stomach


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(UPI) An ailing cat brought to a South Carolina animal hospital is recovering after veterinary surgeons removed 38 hair ties from the feline's stomach.

The Charleston Animal Society said a cat named Juliet was brought in by a member of the public who reported the feline had been left outside a home when the former residents moved out of state.

Carers noticed Juliet was becoming lethargic and not eating after a couple weeks, and a radiograph discovered she had an unusual blockage in her stomach.

Leigh Jamison, associate director of veterinary care for the Charleston Animal Society, said the surgical team was stunned to discover the blockage was 38 hair ties swallowed by the cat.


"I've never seen anything like it," Jamison said in the news release.

Jamison said Juliet is now recovering, but the blockage led to a liver condition that is now being treated.

"We have to make sure that as we feed her, we keep her electrolytes in balance," Jamison said.

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