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Firefighters rescue cat, owner from Vermont tree


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(UPI) Firefighters in Vermont said a call about a cat stuck in tree became more urgent when the animal's owner attempted to retrieve their pet alone and also became stranded up the tree.

The South Burlington Fire Department said the cat's owner called on Christmas Eve to report their cat was struck up a tree, but the department's only ladder truck was assisting the Williston Fire Department with a fire at the time.

The owner decided to take matters into their own hands and climbed the tree until they also became stranded on a branch.

"We do love our furry friends, obviously, but cats do obviously tend to come down on their own," firefighter Marie Bouchine told WCAX-TV.


The ladder truck was able to rescue the cat and its owner.

The department said owners should give cats 24 hours to see if they come down from trees on their own.

"We would like to take a moment to remind our residents that at no point is it a good idea to try and rescue an animal out of a tree yourself," the department said in a Facebook post. There are safer options such as calling a tree company or simply giving the cat 24 hours to self rescue.

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