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Lori Borgman: Moms have a permanent place in the heart

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Last year on Mother's Day I was taking notes on my cell phone in church as fast as my fingers could fly, hoping auto-correct would render them intelligible.

Our pastor had invited people to share about their mothers. He began, pausing occasionally to swallow a lump in his throat. He remembered passing his mother's bedroom door seeing her ...Read more

Family travel five: Some safe havens in the summer of coronavirus

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We are on the brink of what, traditionally, has been the summer vacation season. Yet, many of us have canceled or put our plans on hold. If you are inclined to travel, here are five ideas to consider:

1. Take a road trip.

Some experts are calling this the "year of the car," a time frame during which we will forgo international travel and "See ...Read more

Teens are feeling lonely and anxious in isolation. Here's how parents can help

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LOS ANGELES -- In March, not long before the Safer at Home order was extended to May 15, my 18-year-old son took part in a drive-by birthday caravan in the San Fernando Valley where he saw his friends for the first time since his school closed abruptly because of COVID-19.

If you've never heard of this touching act, it can be described as a ...Read more

'Angels without wings' helped save a couple in their 80s from COVID-19

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LOS ANGELES -- Sandra Borns glances at her husband, her expression a mix of surprise and concern. His head is bowed. His eyes glisten. His forehead rests on a bony hand.

"We've been married for over 60 years," she says. "I've never seen Bob cry."

But on this Thursday morning in April, perched on a wheelchair in the living room he thought he ...Read more

She's in quarantine. He's in ICE detention. And the baby could come at any moment.

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MINNEAPOLIS -- Malerie Corona wakes up at noon. It's not her way -- she's normally a morning person. But lately she hasn't been sleeping so well. She spent last night staring at the ceiling, crying and worrying for Alexis.

She walks to the kitchen and pours a bowl of cereal. She isn't really hungry. She hasn't had an appetite for weeks now. But...Read more

Refugees try to make new start in Chicago as COVID-19 upends daily life: 'Once we get back to the normal life, we want to walk freely'

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CHICAGO -- Like many practicing social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, Farhan Ali has turned to Netflix.

But Ali, 21, isn't just watching for entertainment. He's improving his English. About a month ago, his family arrived in the United States from Pakistan as refugees. Though they're from Afghanistan, they'd fled to Pakistan out of...Read more

Lori Borgman: Hair we stand with clippers in hand

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Now that panic buying of toilet paper and hand sanitizer is subsiding, people are moving on to the next phase of panic buying-hair clippers. Sales are moving at a fast clip.

Hair dye is also a hot seller. COVID gray is an official color.

Home barbers and hairstylists are sprouting everywhere. I am among them. I'm even contemplating a salon ...Read more

'What if I run out?' Cost of diapers and rush to potty-train strain low-income parents

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LOS ANGELES -- Irma Juarez peeled back her sunshine-colored curtains one drizzly recent morning to count cars at the 24-hour self-service laundry across the street from her Los Angeles apartment.

She would have to be quick: Weekends were always busy, and now only 10 people at a time were allowed in. Fights broke out over the washers. Fear hung ...Read more

Family travel five: On this trip, you want to stay out of the sand

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When the time is right, make golf the center of your family vacation. The game provides youngsters the chance to develop skills in a sport that can be played for a lifetime.

Here are five places where your crew can tee it up together.

1. Four Seasons Resort Lanai, Lanai City, Hawaii

It's a lush island of contrast, where sea-faring activities ...Read more

Couple didn't allow a pandemic to ruin their honeymoon

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OK, so maybe they didn't get the tan that they originally expected on the island of Antigua. And there was the minor inconvenience of cooking almost every night and making their own beds.

On the bright side, there were no long lines at the airport, and no itineraries to plan.

When Kelly and Ryan Shanley recently returned from their honeymoon, ...Read more

Beating coronavirus at 88 and 90: One couple's story

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LOS ANGELES -- After 70 years of marriage, what's several days in the hospital with COVID-19?

Dolores and Louis Amen, 88 and 90, respectively, recently notched overcoming the novel coronavirus together to their lengthy list of marital accomplishments.

Dolores has a history of pneumonia. Louis has recently had heart problems. But with spirit, ...Read more

'I love you, Mama': COVID-19 and glass separate daughter and mom turning 100

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LAWRENCE, Kan. -- This is the way it is for now, an only child, 69, shouts to her aged mother from behind glass doors. On May 6, Doris Hockenberger is to turn 100.

A birthday party was planned, but in this time of COVID-19, everything needs to change.

"Can you hear me?" the daughter, Valerie Giedinghagen, says, her voice raised.

She sits ...Read more

Ninaa Edwards was killed, allegedly by her boyfriend. Now a foundation in her honor is reaching out to domestic violence victims.

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CHICAGO -- Ninaa Edwards was always helping. Whether welcoming customers at her childhood hair salon or taking steps toward her dream of becoming a homicide detective, the 23-year-old wanted to be there for others.

The mother of a toddler girl, Edwards had started applying to the Chicago Police Academy when she was allegedly killed by her ...Read more

Debra-Lynn B. Hook: April teaches me to breathe

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So much in April.

April 18, my mother accidentally catches herself on fire with a faulty lighter.

April 19, I go with my sisters to be with her.

April 20, my youngest child is born.

April 21, my father dies of colon cancer.

April 22, unable to recover from burns over 37% of her body, my mother dies with her four daughters by her side.

...Read more

Lori Borgman: Going the distance in social distancing

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Many years ago, the husband and I took personality tests that were supposed to tell us about ourselves and each other. Under the category measuring how social we were, I ranked in the 98th percentile and he ranked in the 2nd percentile.

I always thought those test results were skewed, as the husband can be quite talkative and is often the life ...Read more

'I wasn't eating': Senior twin sisters battle pandemic anxiety together

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EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. -- Ethel Sylvester dialed 911, trembling with fear. The 92-year-old felt hot. She thought turning off her thermostat could fix the problem. That didn't help.

Alone in her apartment, in the middle of the night, Sylvester didn't know what was happening to her body. She feared it was COVID-19. Her neighbor and twin sister, ...Read more

Three sisters set aside a dressmaking rivalry to kick coronavirus butt

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LOS ANGELES -- For years, the Cerpas sisters engaged in friendly competition. All three ran their own dress shops, the eldest from her home in Corona, Calif., and the two youngest just a block away from each other in downtown Santa Ana's 4th Street district.

They sold gowns marking life passages: baptisms, communions, quinceaneras and weddings....Read more

After 62 years of marriage, couple says final goodbyes through nursing home window as husband dies from coronavirus infection

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HARTFORD, Conn. -- Jim and Patricia Shanley of Somers, Conn., married for 62 years, said their final goodbyes through the window of a nursing home.

Jim Shanley, 83, was under quarantine at Suffield House, where staff and patients had tested positive for COVID-19, and his wife had not been able to visit him in more than three weeks.

On March 26...Read more

Lori Borgman: Jackhammers, sunshine and duck eggs, all welcome

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A parade of trucks and heavy equipment arrived down at the corner an hour after sunrise. A jackhammer pounds with ear-splitting force and metal keeps scraping concrete. Even the most grating sounds of life are welcome these days.

A bird outside my window just chirped in agreement. It is a Carolina wren, a small noisy bird sporting a dazzling ...Read more

Family travel five: Start planning for family gatherings

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When our need for social distancing diminishes, parents who may have balanced work and family in close quarters might welcome a break from their parenting routine.

Here are five ways it may work for you and members of your family to gather in the future:


Many grandparents have been missing time with their grandkids. A...Read more