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Seattle-area chefs on what to splurge/save on in the kitchen

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— Chris Ingmire, executive chef, Thompson Seattle

Maldon salt

I really appreciate good finishing salt. Nothing crazy, but just having a box of Maldon salt at home. It's currently a household necessity for my wife, too, who is pregnant and gets chocolate chip cookie cravings often and always finishes them with salt.

— Donald Adams, co-chef and co-owner, The Chicken Supply

Food waste

We're doing our best to use the whole product once purchased! This "saves" in several ways, including "saving" the Earth from more food waste! A simple carrot is a great example: Most of the veg is roasted and used on a dish, but then the juice is used to make a hot sauce, extra pulp is then dried and worked into pasta dough, and the green tops are used in pesto, dukkah or other sauces and seasonings. Another example: Dungeness crab! The meat is used in our pozole, but the bodies are used to make a nage (or broth) that is worked into crab butter. So yes, we extrude every bit of use (and flavor!!!) from every item we can, saving money and also creating less waste!


— David Nichols, chef/owner, Eight Row

Sparkling water

We have a SodaStream and buy the store brand cans/whatever is on sale when we want some flavor. Perhaps there are subtle differences between bubble size or flavor potency, but I wouldn't know!

— Kate Willman, general manager, Eight Row


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