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Answer Angel: Are trendsetting flared pants for everyone?

Ellen Warren, Tribune News Service on

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Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Watching TV recently, I noticed a woman sports anchor wearing a bright blue blouse with her black pants and black blazer with bright blue pointy toe heels. Her slightly flared pants almost touched the floor with just the toes of the electric blue pumps peeking out. I thought she looked fashionable and really put-together but I’m wondering if this is a style that I could pull off, or is it all too much for us normal women who are trying to look nice now that we’re back in the workplace?

— Alysa P.

Dear Alysa: The outfit you describe seems like the best of both worlds. A “conservative” suit with flashes of personality. Sounds great. If you like the look, you bet it is for you. With an asterisk. Newly popular flared pants that nearly touch the floor will require you to choose your heel height carefully if you don’t want the pants sweeping the floor and getting your heel caught in your pants hem. I say this even though pants that are a few inches longer than what you describe and genuinely droop and cover the shoes are a popular style on runways and trendsetting influencers. When that long, you better open an account with a dry cleaner. If you also are questioning whether you should try brightly colored pumps (or flats, or athletic shoes), the answer is yes! They go with anything.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I’m too young for hot flashes — or so I thought — but I’ve endured some serious night sweats, day sweats, and they’re not just confined to the underarm area but head to toe! And, there’s the odor issue. Can you or your readers offer me any suggestions to tackle my two problems? All ideas are welcome!

— Emily J.

Dear Emily: I have a friend who, because of an array of health problems, has the issues you describe. I asked her to try a product I’d heard good and bad things about: Lume Whole Body Deodorant (, trial set including wipes, $25). My tester said it helped with odor and the sweats (by acting as a barrier) and is better than any products she has tried. That said, there are plenty of online complaints about Lume: poor to nonexistent customer service, scents are not appealing, and more. So do your homework to decide if you’re willing to give it a try. And if you do, let me know what you think. Readers, please send me suggestions for products you favor for problems like Emily’s.

Reader Rant

Margo G. asks, “Why don’t designers and clothes manufacturers put women’s zippers on the hip or side of pants instead of in front of the stomach? A lot of the dress slacks used to have zippers on the side. We don’t need any more bulk in the front.”


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Louise K. and Barbara B. are enthusiastic about Costco’s Kirkland Signature Ladies’ Crew Sock made with Extra-Fine Merino Wool. “They’re warm! Substantial but not super-thick, $14.99 for 4 pairs. Four heart emojis,” writes Barbara. Says Louise: “They sell out fast so if you see them, buy them now!”

Reader Rave 2

From Nancy P.: “I use Peter Thomas Roth Instant FirmX Eye Temporary Eye Tightener and it makes under-eye bags disappear (for the day):, 1 oz. $38;, 1 oz., $38, .5 oz., $24);, .5 oz., $24).

Reader Rant & Rave

Susan P. says, “Many of the ‘must-have’ serums and creams are just gimmicks. When I was taking large amounts of steroids for my cancer treatment, I contacted my dermatologist as to whether I needed to do anything for my skin. She recommended CeraVe Skin Renewing Retinol Serum (, $18.79; drugstores, $18.79 and up). The point is that I got through with my skin in good shape. I’m 72 and I have smooth and healthy-looking skin. I will always use retinol based on my experience. In my opinion, the must-haves are retinol and sunscreen. I never leave the house without sunscreen.”

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