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Answer Angel: No more fashion rules!

Ellen Warren, Tribune News Service on

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Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I recently met a friend for lunch and we decided to ask you to settle a question. It came up because, although we were enduring a heat wave, she was wearing some cute suede ballet flats. She said she was a little iffy about wearing her suede shoes in warm weather and wondered if she should wait until fall. I told her I don’t wear my suede shoes until the weather gets chilly. But now, I’m not sure I’m right. What do you think?

— Candace E.

Dear Candace: In fashion, now more than ever, there are no rules. Even strappy foot-baring sandals, clearly designed for warm weather wear, come in suede. It is just fine to wear suede shoes year-round. If you doubt me, do some people-watching and I think you’ll agree. I’ve seen women in all sorts of styles of suede shoes this summer in more traditional, muted colors but also in warm weather shades like lime, magenta, bright turquoise and neon yellow. And those same bright colors in all kinds of clothing are just fine for cool weather dressing as well.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I have been using L’Oreal Paris Futur-e day lotion moisturizer for Normal to Dry Skin SPF 15 for decades and now it seems to be unavailable. I went to their website and there are comments from other users that they are also not finding it anywhere. Can you or your readers suggest an alternative facial moisturizer that is not greasy and doesn’t cost a fortune?

— Barbara Bonier

Dear Barbara: Condolences to you and all the readers who write me lamenting that their favorite beauty products and fragrances are discontinued. It makes me mad too. As an alternative, try CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30. This might not be much consolation, but at drugstores you can find it for $12.30 for three ounces, which is significantly less than your L’Oreal.

Angelic Readers 1

From Jill P. “I have an enlarged pierced ear hole, and I solved that problem by using Lobe Wonder Ear Lobe Support Patches. I buy them from Amazon (60 for $6.99) and have used them for about 10 years. You put the disposable clear patch behind the earlobe, put the earring post/hook through the ear-piercing hole and through the patch. The patch supports the earring, no matter the weight. It takes a bit of practice to place the patches correctly, but once you have it down it is a snap. I highly recommend them!!”


Angelic Readers 2

For all of us who have wrestled with fitted sheets, Alice S. sends along this tip: “Recently I bought Martha Stewart sheets from Macy’s. The fitted bottom sheet goes on easily and the sheets don’t shrink in the wash. What makes putting the bottom sheet on easier is the little tag along the long side that reads ‘side’ so you’re not struggling with which end goes where. I thought you could easily put an ‘S’ in marker on the long side of other fitted sheets to make it easier for yourself.”

Reader Rant

Petite-size women have had it with clothing retailers…

From Judy S: “For those of us 5-foot-3 or less, it’s almost impossible to shop for clothing in our size in a brick and mortar store. We’re told to try on things that we like and then go and order them in petite sizes online. It is so unfair! There are plenty of plus sizes in store but we small people have to order online and hope our purchase fits.”

And for stores that actually do stock a few petite size items, Charlene S. writes: “Why do retailers intermingle petites with regular sizes in their stores? This is happening ever more frequently. As a ‘true’ petite, I have neither the time nor the patience to dig through racks and racks of clothing in order to find the few petite items buried there. Plus sizes are never mixed in with regular ones; they always get a separate department! Why don’t petites deserve the same courtesy?”

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