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Answer Angel: Readers’ tips for happy feet

Ellen Warren, Tribune News Service on

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So many of you have complained to me about your shoes and socks. Your feet hurt. Your socks slip. Why can’t you find what you’re looking for? It shouldn’t be this hard, right?

I asked readers for recommendations that might help. So here are their suggestions on comfy walk-all-day flats and no-slip, low-cut socks. A big thanks you to so many of you who shared the results of the long search for happy feet.

Comfortable flats

(A note from Ellen: Some of your favorites were not as cute as I would like, but you be the judge of the trade-offs.)

Kim G. writes, “I’ve been standing at my job for 30 years and there is no bargain when taking care of your feet.” Kim likes Dansko flats from the outlet, Diane D. buys Cole Haan shoes from Bloomingdales Outlet ( and Ecco brand from Nordstrom Rack ( Deborah L. expanded her search into more sporty lines with good results such as Anne Klein Sport ballet flats (, $69 and up). From Linda V.: “Josef Seibel — the European Comfort Shoe” — are cute and comfortable (, $120).” Kim M. recommends Abeo (, $99 and up).

Terri W. prefers Allbirds ( and Skechers ( for all day wear. Lynell M. also relies on Skechers. And Anne V. is another Skechers fan. Kathleen E-R writes, “My Vionic Pismo Casual Sneakers are adorable and come in so may colors and patterns (, $64.95). Pat B. loves her Vionics too. Jean T. is a Vonics fan and also recommends Clark Cloud Steppers ( Anna C. is a Cloud Steppers fan as well. Also at that Clarks website, look at the leather flats that Georgette C. prefers. Christine S. has an array of Clarks in her closet.

Nan H. recommends Bandolino Liberty Slip-on Loafers ($50 and up in 21 colors and patterns and three widths). Buy them at Appleseed’s and many other online retailers ( Bobbie N. likes Born brand so much that she has eight pairs ( Joan G. buys well-priced Yuu brand shoes at JC Penney, ( Audrey E. likes Bzees (,, $41 and up), especially the casual Glee model. Michele S. buys Jambu shoes for their “great arch support” and buys their insoles separately because they make her other shoes so comfortable (

Elaine S. advocates Mephisto ( and even has had them replace soles on her old ones for $75. Ellen S. wears birdies (, $95 and up). Jen H. says her “tricky feet” like Sperry Seaport leather loafers (, $99.95). For Carla L., nothing beats Taos tennis shoes ( and many shoe retailers, $40 and up). Keen Mary Janes (, $65 and up) are the shoes of choice for Maj V. who says Keen should bring back the older, better models. “Expensive but worth every penny,” is how Laurie B. raves about her pricey Trippen shoes, made in Germany ( for stores).


Low-cut socks that stay put

Many readers swear by Bombas low-cut no shows (, $12 and up). The company donates a pair to charity for every pair sold. Sheila H., Noreen K., Elizabeth G., Patricia S., Kathy R., George K., Janet S., Diane P., Cathy K., Judi B., Julianne H., Linda S. and Regina L. are all enthusiastic supporters.

Peggi likes Keds brand with a non-slip silicon dot at the heel (, 3 for $19.95). Nancy WM, Daniel S. and Kathleen J. swear by Sheec socks (, $10 and up). Beth B. and Ann S. like Sheecs too. Peter L. wears Smartwool (, $15 and up). Vicki H. buys her no shows at Lululemon (, $14). Susan T. wears Saucony no shows (, $10). Colleen Z. and Kristi L. choose Peds Unseen Liner or Extreme Low Liner (, 2 for $5 and up). Runner Erin P. buys Peds sport cut liner (, 4 for $8). Runner Michele A. chooses Peds low sport liner, (, 4 for $8). F. buys MeMoi brand with heel gel strips at TJ Maxx and other discounters (,, $8). Runner Amy S. wears Littera men’s ankle socks (, 6 for $14.99) but they make women’s too. Marie W. likes RIIQIICHY low-cut liners (, $9.99 for 4).

Marian T. and Jane buy Skechers no show liner socks (, 8 for $14.75). Jane and Barbara M. are Sketchers fans too. Ione P. chooses Feetures no shows (, $16). Toni F. buys Gekks (, $16). Paulette H., Cecilia R., Luanne J. and Linda prefer INVISASOX (, 3 for $16.95). Margo L. says Thirty 48 Women’s no show loafer socks are “awesome” (, 3 for $11.50). And Jan K. agrees.

Linda C. chooses OONDO (, $12). Patricia M. says her Hue air cushion liner “NEVER slip. A truly wonderful find” (, $16 for 3). Tennis player Paul N. chooses CelerSport ankle athletic running low-cut socks (, 6 for $14.95 and up). He also recommends Stance athletic tab socks (, on sale for $10.99).

Susan E. picks No Nonsense contoured liners (, $4.95 and up). Marie S. likes IDEEG no show low-cuts (, $12.99 and up for 6). Kathleen J.’s pick is Flammi’s Truly No Show Socks (, 3 for $9.95). Margaret C. favors Pangda low-cut Toe Socks (, 5 for $10.99); Barb S.’s pick is for $12.50; Don and Sue H. like Wander’s low-cuts (, $18.99 for 8). Susan M. picks Leotruny athletic no shows (, 5 for $13.99) and Sherri D.’s favorites are from Balega (, $14).

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