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The 13 best travel hacks from TikTok

Alene Laney, on

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Love a good travel hack? You’ll catch a bunch of short, easy-to-replicate tips on the social media platform TikTok. TikTok’s fun videos explain how to navigate your way through luxe travel on the cheap. There are tricks you didn’t know you could use, websites you didn’t know existed, things you didn’t know you could say, and moves you didn’t know you could make to upgrade your experience and save tons of money. Take a look at some of the best.

Book first-class tickets a couple of weeks before departure

If you’re looking to upgrade your ticket on the cheap, you’ll find more premium seat availability a few weeks before departure. TikTok user Brian Chung (@brian__chung) also suggests using to find the cheapest first-class flights on points.

Ask for upgrades

TikTok creators Devon and Betsy Fata (@lux_list) have a few tips for travelers looking for hotel upgrades. Their No. 1 rule is to simply ask. Devon says, “This is obvious, but it works way more often than you’d think.” He suggests phrasing your request so that it requires a no answer, such as, “Would it be too much trouble to see if we could upgrade our stay?” They also suggest asking for a corner unit or offering to leave a review of a new hotel in exchange for an upgrade.

Check to see if it’s cheaper to buy and redeem points over paying cash


While most people go the traditional route of earning points via credit card sign-up bonuses and daily spending, few will buy points to redeem. Much of the time, it doesn’t make sense to buy points to redeem for travel, but there are a lot of scenarios where it will actually make sense.

TikTok user @zacharyburrabel said, “It still blows my mind that you can buy hotel points and stay cheaper than what that hotel is going to sell you the room for.” He showed a five-star hotel in Orlando with a cash price of $299 per night plus taxes, which comes out to around $373 per night. Buying and redeeming points for the same room, however, would only cost $216 per night and taxes are included. Another user reported using this trick to buy business class seats on flights and saving thousands.

Always use incognito mode when searching for flights

Multiple TikTok creators suggest using incognito mode when you’re looking for flights. Airlines automatically increase the price if they see you’ve been looking for flights.


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