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Answer Angel: No-muss lipstick dilemma

Ellen Warren, Tribune News Service on

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Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Is there a way to wear both lipstick and a face mask without looking like a clown?

— Janet C.

Dear Janet: Short answer: No. I don’t care how much the manufacturers say that their lipsticks are smudge proof, it’s going to get on your mask. At home, when you’re unmasked, if it makes you feel better, by all means wear lipstick. If you do decide (and I’m not sure why you would) to wear lipstick beneath your mask, disposable masks are the way to go.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I cannot find decent eyeliner. I’ve tried so many different kinds and brands. Pencils aren’t easy to apply, don’t stay dark, get smudgy. Liquids end up being black blobs on my eyelids. I just want something that goes on smoothly, is visible and lasts long. I wear glasses, so eyeliner is critical.

— Meredith J.

Dear Meredith: You are not alone. Easy application, no smudge, long-lasting. If only…. Eye makeup takes on a bigger importance when we’re covering our faces from the nose down. Your question is one I have received from scores of readers who share your complaints about the eyeliners they’ve tried. I’m sure that there are readers out there who have found some great liners that stay put. This is a plea to anyone with a solution to send it to me to pass along to Meredith and the rest of us who keep looking and spending and being disappointed with our raccoon eyes.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: The holidays have been a reminder of a question I’ve been having for ages about giving and receiving gifts — not just about Christmas, but year-round. My friend of many years and I have exchanged gifts like baked goods, plants or wine for holidays, birthdays, a new baby and such. But honestly, I have hardly seen her (not at all since the pandemic hit) and money is stretched pretty tight due to reduced hours at work.


Her birthday is coming up in six weeks or so and I’m tempted to text her and say, “Please no gifts this year” or should I just come up with something? Homemade cookies are not that big a deal, I know. Maybe the bottom line is I just don’t want to continue this tradition. What do you suggest?

— P.J.

Dear P. J.: This is a tough one that I hear a lot around this time of year when we start to question traditions that we’ve outgrown and that have become burdens more than anything else. If you want to put a stop to the gift exchange, do it one last time for her birthday with something inexpensive — like the homemade cookies you mention — and at that time, tell her, “As another gift to you, I know you’re so busy, let’s stop the gift exchange and just swap cards from now on instead of presents.”

If to say that would trouble you more than continuing this gift giving, then keep at it. But, who knows, maybe it would be a great relief for your friend too. If she does come through with a gift on the next occasion — despite what you told her — either swallow hard and nicely tell her no more, or keep at it and feel resentful and unhappy. Your choice.Angelic Readers

Alice S. writes, “With all the gift buying of apparel at this time of year, I have a suggestion. Be careful of any garment with washing instructions that read ‘wash before wearing’ or ‘wash separately.’ Most likely these are items where the color will bleed. I received a gift where the tag read, ‘wash before wearing with like colors.’ I did, and it bled in a way that left a splotchy mismatched color mess.”Reader Rant

Bethanne L. sounds off: “Be an angel and tell your readers to stop using glittery wrapping paper and sparkly ribbon on their gifts. The sparkles fall off on everything and are the devil to clean up. The same goes for greeting cards that shed all that stuff the minute you take them out of the envelope.”Now it’s your turn

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