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Answer Angel: Gained a few pounds? You're not alone

By Ellen Warren, Chicago Tribune on

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Your bleach solution will be effective for 24 hours, then discard it and mix up a new batch. See for more info on household cleaning and disinfection.

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Many thanks to Barb who pointed out in the nicest way that I was wrong when I recommended a mix of 1/2 cup detergent and 1/2 cup baking POWDER to wash a moldy shower curtain. I meant baking SODA.

Place curtain in the washing machine with this solution and two towels to minimize cracking. Gentle cycle, warm, add one cup white vinegar to first rinse. Hang to dry.

Angelic Readers 2

Jennifer G. writes: "I recommend Everpro Gray Away Root Touch-Up Quick Stick (, $9.99). It's like a crayon that you touch on your roots, then a sponge to blend if needed. Much easier to use than sprays or powders."

Barb G. says: "I love the Color Wow Root Cover Up you suggested several weeks ago to cover the gray. It does a really good job, but it is quite expensive for frequent use. By chance I had a matte powdered brown eye shadow blush brush that I didn't like.


I decided to use the brush on the eye shadow and applied it to my 3-inch-long part, and it covered the gray nicely, allowing me to conserve the Wow Cover Up for around my face and temple area."



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