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Using Zoom, hair stylists help clients cut and color their own hair at home

By Hannah Herrera Greenspan, Chicago Tribune on

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CHICAGO - We're all getting to that point of quarantine fatigue. We haven't seen our loved ones in person, we now wear masks when we leave the house and our hair has grown longer than we're used to.

So is it possible to re-create salon services at home during the coronavirus pandemic? Thankfully, a few local stylists are coaching clients on how to cut and color their own hair through Zoom.

Dottie Salamone, owner of Hair by Dot in Salon Loft, a working co-op for hair stylists and other folks in the beauty industry in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood, closed her salon March 21, following the governor's stay-at-home order.

She got the idea to coach clients on how to cut their own hair at home after she received an email from a client, Liz Parent, who was in need of a haircut. Parent asked Salamone if she could teach Parent and her husband, Mike, how to cut her hair over Zoom.

Having never done this before, Salamone used the Zoom call as a consultation to see what Parent wanted to do with her hair. After this call, Salamone recorded a video outlining all of the steps, using a mannequin head.

"I have a ton of mannequin heads because I used to educate in the industry," says Salamone, "so I did the haircut she wanted on the mannequin. That way, I was able to take all of their questions over Zoom, show them the hand positions and then make the video so that they could reference and go back to, if needed."


Parent, a registered dietitian from Deerfield, was looking to cut 2 inches of hair.

She says, "Dottie showed how to section the bottom and used clips. Luckily we already owned haircut scissors and a cape so I was thankful for that because I think they may be hard to find now. ... But the video made it pretty easy to cut the bottom, and then you keep adding another layer on top, until the whole thing is cut. While it was easy to follow for a quick haircut, I will be glad to be back in Dottie's chair when it is safe to do so."

Mike ended up cutting off 4 inches of Liz's hair.

"Even though he did cut off more than I originally thought," says Parent, "now I don't need a haircut for a while. ... My hair was really long. It sounds a lot worse than it could've been. But it turned out really nice anyway."


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