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Answer Angel: 2nd pair of frames for events? Not needed

By Ellen Warren, Chicago Tribune on

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Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I can't see without my glasses, so there's no question that I must wear them even for the dressiest occasions. (Contact lenses don't work for me.) But should I buy a special pair for fancy events? If so, what should they look like? My everyday glasses are round and tortoiseshell. They seem kind of casual for a formal event.

- Jo B.

Dear Jo: Prescription eyewear is so expensive. Even if you get a bargain on the frames from online places like Warby Parker, by the time you pay for the prescription lenses and the no-scratch coating it's easy to spend $300 or $400. So, not many of us can afford to have a second pair just for fancy evenings out. Anyhow, it is totally unnecessary! Oprah shows up at the most elegant of events wearing big black frames. Same goes for Demi Moore, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Anne Hathaway, Jane Fonda and Tina Fey. And I think we can agree that all of them can afford any eyewear they want.

Let's say that you have more money than you know what to do with and you've decided to splurge on evening glasses. Sure you can pop for some glitzy ones slathered in rhinestones and sparkle. Or crazy-colored ones to match your outfit. That will definitely get you some attention. But, if you're trying to wear the most unobtrusive glasses possible, then wire frames, clear frames, no frames at all (like Elizabeth Warren) or neutral shades like beige or taupe are your best bets.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: What is the correct order for applying makeup?

- Suzanne B.


Dear Suzanne: Sunscreen should go on first. Followed by moisturizer, if you use it. You can skip a step if you use moisturizer that also has sunscreen SPF 30 or greater. That's a twofer. While not everyone will agree, the makeup artists I talked to say that next comes eye makeup - brows, eyeliner, shadow and mascara. Then concealer if needed. After that, apply lipstick. (Some pros prefer doing the lips before eyes.) Blush is the last to go on since only when the rest of the face is complete will you know how much more color you want, if any.

Dear Answer Angel: Many of the places I shop have stacks of sequin skirts for sale. Gold, silver, copper, colors. They look like they'd be fun to wear, but are they just for evening? Could I wear one in the daytime?

- Toni B.

Dear Toni: You might get some stares - depending on where you live and work - but yes! Sequins for daytime are a thing this season. The way to wear them in daytime is to dress them down. Wear the skirt with a T-shirt or a basic buttoned-up cardigan and casual shoes, boots or booties. You'll be totally on trend and definitely a standout.


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