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Eric's Autos: 2022 Cadillac Escalade

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With 24 gallons of gas in its tank, the V8 Escalade has an advertised city-driving range of just 380 miles. On the same 24 gallons of diesel, the Escalade's city range increases to just over 500 miles. And on the highway, the diesel-powered Caddy can go about 650 miles versus just 480 miles for the V8.

On The Road

When you drove a Cadillac back in the '70s -- or the '60s or the '50s -- you felt like the king of the road, which you were because nothing else on the road had the large-living presence of a Cadillac.

Nothing else had an engine as big as a Cadillac's, either.

This is how you feel behind the wheel of the Escalade -- especially with the 6.2-liter V8 under the hood. The diesel has the legs, but the V8 has the sound -- also, the power. Enough to get this 5,823-pound (empty) block of steel and glass that seats six to 60 mph in six hard-to-believe-it seconds. That is something a Sedan de Ville could not do -- even when equipped with the biggest V8 Cadillac ever offered (500 cubic inches, 8.2 liters).

The Cadillac V8 rumbles soothingly at idle. Under hard acceleration this becomes an authoritative bellow, which transitions to a Corvette-like wail as the tach swings past 6,000 RPM.


But forget even that. There is something satisfying about having a V8 when almost everyone else has just a six.

At The Curb

The standard Escalade is enormous: 211.9 inches long overall. It rides on a 120.9-inch wheelbase. This makes it longer than any full-sized new car, including full-size luxury sedans like the BMW 7 Series (207.4 inches) and Mercedes S-Class (208.2 inches). It is also vastly roomier, with seating for six and almost twice as much space for cargo (25.5 cubic feet) even with those seats occupied.

The ESV extends that length to 227 inches on a 134.1-inch wheelbase, with 41.5 inches of space for cargo with all its seats in place (and 148.2 cubic feet with the second and third row seats folded).


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