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Barton Goldsmith: A few ways to believe in yourself more

Barton Goldsmith, Tribune News Service on

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We all need a boost sometimes, especially when something goes wrong in our world. When this happens to you, look around you, remember that you started with nothing, and know that everything you see, you created. Here are a few ways to believe in yourself more.

1. Take in the good vibes

Disregard what others tell you unless it’s positive. When you know someone respects or likes you, take in their good vibes. You can also ask them what it is about you that they like. This will reinforce the best parts of you and help you believe in yourself. Some of us find it more difficult to take in positive feedback than criticism, and that needs to change.

2. Instead of posting pictures, post some words to make someone smile

Getting a few likes can work wonders. If words escape you, perhaps you can garner millions of views by dressing up like a chipmunk and singing opera. Either way, it will make a few folks happier and make you feel better. Posting can be a way of connecting with your world and the whole world at the same time. You can make it a positive habit.

3. Remember your last (or greatest) success and think about it for a few minutes

Taking in your successes will help you reach for another. Quite simply, it reminds you that you have the talent and tools needed to get your life to the next level. Visualization also helps here. Picture your greatest success so far and then imagine the goal you are going for. Superimpose the old feeling onto the new image. Once you feel the positive energy in your body, you know it’s working.


4. Know you are the person your loved ones think you are

And yes, that goes for your dog, too. Concentrating on the love you get from others helps you feel good about yourself. When feeling down, it can be so easy to beat yourself up. I recommend pulling yourself up instead. All that’s required is to feel the love that’s all around you. Start with one person (or your dog), and feel the difference.

5. The truth is if you have succeeded before, you can do it again

Maybe not in the same way, but you can reach the same level of influence and fulfillment. Nothing quite feels the same as being on stage and having several thousand people call your name, but other things can feel good too. Go for what you want, no matter what it is.

These are a few ways to believe in yourself more. They work, but don’t try doing them all at once. Start with the one that’s easiest for you and stick with it for a week or so before trying other exercises. You will be pleased with the results and with yourself.

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