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Is COVID-19 tearing marriages apart?

Nedra Rhone, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on

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Early on in the pandemic, relationship and legal experts predicted divorces nationwide would skyrocket. With shelter-in-place orders, couples would no longer be able to outrun their issues, experts surmised.

Plus, a variety of factors would add to the pressure.

Stuck at home with home-schooling kids.

Stuck at home with college-age kids.

Stuck at home while work travel was suspended and offices were closed.

Stuck at home while unemployed and in financial distress.


Stuck at home with a normally quiet spouse who suddenly turned into a chatterbox.

Stuck at home with a spouse who has more time to point out all the ways you aren't pulling your weight.

Stuck at home in an abusive relationship.

Stuck at home, period ... or in the case of essential workers, not stuck at home but still dealing with many of the same issues.


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