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Erika Ettin: How to have a great first date

Erika Ettin, Tribune News Service on

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While a lot of the advice I give revolves around how to get the first date, even more important is how to nail that first date. First dates — even on Zoom (or maybe especially on Zoom) — can be nerve-wracking, whether you’re a seasoned dater or not. Let’s take a look at some tips for the all-important first date, in whatever form it takes:

What not to do on a first date:

1. Have your phone out or text (Whether in person or on screen, it’s rude.)

2. Talk about your ex, positively or negatively

3. Be late without notice (True for in person or a call.)

4. Be rude to a server… or anyone


5. Drink too much

6. Talk about work the entire time

7. Have bad hygiene (Again, true for in person or a call.)

8. Talk about yourself too much


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