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Erika Ettin: How to get offline (or at least on video) from online

Erika Ettin, Tribune News Service on

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“I’m really enjoying talking to you! Where should we go from here?”

“That’s a really good question! Much better story told live.”

“You ask great questions. I’m afraid my message back might turn into a novel if I try to answer them all. :) Would a video chat be easier?”

“Not sure the protocol these days, but should we do a video chat one night?”

“COVID dating is weird. Should we upgrade to a video call or something this week?”

Once you put the question out there, the other person has a few choices:


1. Agree.

2. Answer your message but ignore the part about the video date.

3. Not answer at all.

If the latter two, you no longer have to waste your time! And if the first one, you have a date on the books. Congratulations!

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