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Erika Ettin: A few more coronavirus dating questions

Erika Ettin, Tribune News Service on

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People have been asking me about trends I'm seeing in dating while coronavirus is going on, and I thought my readers might be interested in the responses:

Question: Do you see any trends in who's been amenable to switching to FaceTime/video dates versus who's decided to postpone things? Does it seem generational, or gendered?

Answer: It's actually the opposite of what I would have thought. My older clients -- mostly in their 60s -- are open to at least phone dates, and some are willing to try video dates. For those clients, the phone is a more natural thing since texting wasn't always available to them (and some have always preferred to have a call in advance of the date to feel safer), whereas my younger clients have grown up attached to their phones ... and not for making calls. I've found that my younger clients are more inclined to do video dates only if they've already met someone in person (with exceptions of course).

But for every person who says, "I'd like to continue ... let's talk, and start me up ... " (sent to me today by a 69-year-old female client in NYC), I also get a "I'll work with you, but I have zero desire to video date. When I can meet people, I'm in" (sent to me today from a 66-year-old male in Phoenix).

If you are going to try a video date, please remember the following pointers:

- Dress for a first date (clothing, hair, makeup, etc.). Dating from home is not an excuse to make a sloppy first impression.


- Clean up your house. People notice EVERYTHING -- especially when there is a mess.

- Make sure you are well-lit. The light should be coming from in front of you, not behind you.

- Work your angles. People look much better looking slightly up than slightly down.

- Practice, practice, practice. Is Zoom better on your phone or laptop? Should you use a headset or not? Try all of this with friends or family so you don't have to troubleshoot on a date.


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