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Ask Amy: Long-ago date wants to give belated feedback

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By discussing this with you, this person is temporarily relieving the pressure caused by the state of indebtedness, but rather than using you as a sounding board, your date might explore a group like Debtors Anonymous (DA), where they can receive ongoing support, as well as encouragement, to face their debt.

Hand your date a teaspoon to start the process of digging out, and send them a link to

Dear Amy: Readers are mad because you didn’t call password sharing for streaming services theft!

Good Grief, Charlie Brown. First, it’s not theft. It’s my password and account, and I can share it.

Some households split the streaming costs to combine services.

It’s only theft if you give someone’s password and login information away without their knowledge. I think your detractors are a bunch of whiners.

– Derek


Dear Derek: Readers saw sharing passwords as “theft,” essentially stealing from the streaming service companies. (People are very protective of their profit margins.)

Video streaming services are starting to limit the number of users who can share an account.


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