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Ask Amy: Proud papa wants to stop crop top

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

The last thing she needs is her father joining in, scrutinizing and critiquing her body. (Make no mistake, if you criticized what she was wearing, she would have immediately drawn a straight line between the words you said, and what she believed you really meant to say.)

Even a light teasing (or well-meaning) remark regarding your daughter’s weight or how she looks can backfire.

The reason your attitude matters so much is because you are your brilliant, beautiful daughter’s beloved “papa.” You are, quite literally, The Man.

Confine any constructive criticism to her school performance, her driving skills, her work around the house.

Keep your opinion about her crop top to yourself.

Dear Amy: Is it unethical to use things which are mailed to me in hopes that I will donate money to the organization, when I don’t respond with a donation?


(I’m talking about Christmas cards and address labels.)

Some of the organizations I have received these things from are those I’ve donated to in the past.

But I did not want and did not request these cards.

Can I still send them out to family and friends without paying for them?


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