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Ask Amy: Dater fears he will never be a player

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Dear Loyal: The way for you to recover from this persistent feeling would be for you to reframe your sister’s choice as a blunder or a mistake. The word “betrayal” is loaded, and while this word may accurately describe the way you feel, detaching from the word will help you to detach from the feeling.

Understand that your sister has the right to connect with anyone on Facebook.

If this hurts your feelings, you should tell her so.

Dear Amy: I am glad you explained credit card “churning” to your readers.

My brother got into this, big time, goaded along by message boards on the internet.

Unfortunately, in trying to game the system, the system ended up gaming him.

He landed even more in debt, and now his credit is ruined.


– Concerned

Dear Concerned: While this practice isn’t illegal, people who try it need to be organized – and pay their bills on time!


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