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Ask Amy: Dater fears he will never be a player

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I have been divorced from the father of my two children for over 20 years. Our children are adults now but were quite young at the time of our divorce.

My ex-husband was physically and verbally abusive.

My older sister has been friends on Facebook with him for years.

I know this because my ex-husband mentioned it and joked about her extreme political posts.

I asked her about it several years ago and she said she was Facebook friends with him because she wanted to see his photos of my children.

I did not like her answer but did not press the issue.


I feel betrayed by her.

Yesterday, I asked her again about it and she defended it again with the same answer but said she would remove him as a friend from Facebook (for me).

I still feel betrayed. How do I get over this feeling of betrayal?

– Loyal Sibling


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