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Ask Amy: Abuse survivor wants to set record straight

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Overall, I’d say that we all enjoyed this togetherness, but frankly I am done. I may be the only person in the world yearning for an empty nest.

They are all out now, but with remote-work, two of them now bounce home for days on end and with very little notice – and work from here.

They do this when they get bored, want a change of pace, or home-cooked meals.

Please, how can I get them to stop?

– Tired

Dear Tired: You should set some parameters: You would like at least a week’s advance notice, unless it is an emergency. They should limit their stays.

Make sure their time home is boring and fruitless. Limit the home-cooked meals. Don’t clean up after them.

I wonder if other readers are dealing with this? If so, I will run responses.


Dear Amy: Thank you for talking about credit card “churning” with your answer to “Churning Concerns.”

This wife wanted feedback about her husband’s choice to open credit cards in her name. This is wrong (and illegal). She should place a freeze on her credit.

– Credit Advisor

Dear Advisor: It wasn’t clear whether this wife had co-signed on these credit cards, but I agree that she needs to advocate for herself.


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