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Ask Amy: Nuptials in Belize won’t be a breeze

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

We want to support the couple, but feel they are being extremely selfish in their decision.

We have resigned ourselves to go but are not happy about it.

No one from my side or my wife' side of the family would attend. Other than the two sets of parents, I doubt if anyone else would attend.

We would gladly give them the additional money we would spend if they would have a local wedding, and then honeymoon in Belize.

What to do?

– Exhausted Dad


Dear Dad: Couples sometimes plan destination weddings when they become overwhelmed by the thought of a large local wedding and its attendant hassles.

My take on this is that it seems as if your daughter and her fiance are basically trying to limit the guest list, if not eliminate it altogether.

You might ask your daughter and her fiance if they would be willing to get legally married in a small private local wedding – perhaps at the courthouse in your town – so that you and other health-compromised elders could witness it and throw them a small party afterward, and then cheerfully send them on their way to enjoy their planned festivities with any other attendees who might be able to make the trip to Belize.

This idea may make your daughter unhappy. She will interpret this as you trying to control her special day. Ultimately, the wedding should be about the couple.


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