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Ask Amy: Mom’s needs must take a back seat

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Some people like to play games.

Some people are mind-numbingly inconsiderate.

Regardless of this woman’s motivations, you now have all the information you need.

Yours is not to reason why,

Yours is not to call, or text.

Yours is not to sit and cry,

Yours is just to say – “… next!”

Dear Amy: Like “Old Veteran,” I also served (Navy) during Vietnam, and after discharge I also hid my military service.

It took 50 years before I stopped being careful. I was shocked when somebody actually expressed appreciation for my service.


What made the difference was my discovery of a group on Facebook, The Fallen Outdoors — many thousands of proud veterans of all ages who love to hunt, fish and be outdoors —and who are eager to welcome and help each other at any time.

Now I am proud to be among the tiny minority of American citizens who have served in the military.

Yes, the "thank you for your service" makes me a bit uncomfortable, but I graciously accept the comment in honor of all our brothers and sisters who did not make it home, or did come home damaged in body, mind and soul.

– Old Vet, Now Proud

Dear Proud: Beautiful.


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