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Ask Amy: Rumor about teacher compels reporting

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I recently heard that a teacher from my high school slept with one of his underage students.

I know it is possibly just a rumor but based on the source (a close friend of the student), I believe it is true.

This would have happened 10 years ago, yet my gut instinct is to report this to the school. Afterall, he is still a teacher there.

Is it none of my business?

I do not know either the student or the teacher well. Based on conversations I've had, it seems as though many of my old classmates knew about this but said nothing.

Would it be wrong of me to blow up the life of a potentially innocent teacher?


And even if he is guilty, what if the victim has no wish to relive it. Shouldn't that be her choice?

Yet, I feel like it's my duty to say something.

What if he's still sleeping with students?

If I know about predatory behavior and I stay silent, aren't I part of the problem?


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