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Ask Amy: Generous father plans a blues cruise

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I can tolerate a lot of spice in my food, but the pepper/spiciness of every recipe overwhelms the flavors of the dish.

Mostly I rework the dishes to try and tame the heat, but on occasion, I have tossed out the remainders.

I am grateful to be the recipient of her always delicious food, but don’t want to mar the new friendship by saying something and sounding ungrateful.

Normally, I logically resolve problems, but this one really has me stymied.

Do I keep accepting the food knowing it will be too darn spicy, or should I say something?

They are terrific neighbors.


– On Fire in California

Dear On Fire: Let me try to suggest wording for you.

“Wow, your chicken paprikash was amazing, but unfortunately I’m pretty sensitive to spicy and peppery foods. That might be why my own dishes are probably on the mild side for you.”

Dear Amy: Reading various questions about over-involved mothers-in-law, I had to share my story with you.


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