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Ask Amy: Generous father plans a blues cruise

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Before my son got married, he and I had been extremely close.

So, after his marriage to a wonderful girl, my son still felt close to me and would ask my advice and then mention to his wife how I would do certain things.

A close friend pointed this out to me, knowing it bothered my daughter-in-law.

The very next time my son came to me for advice, I steered him in the direction of his intelligent, smart, amazing wife.

My relationship with son and daughter-in-law is still strong, but their marriage became even stronger.

Mother-in-laws need to know their place!

– Best MIL


Dear MIL: It can be challenging to step aside and allow a new spouse to become a primary partner to a child you’ve raised.

Your wisdom applies to all in-law parents – not only mothers.


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