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Ask Amy: Grandparents resent entitled child’s drama

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

When my fiancé and I first began dating, his best friend groped me soon after we met.

I mentioned it to my boyfriend, and he brushed it off, saying that his friend is "physically affectionate with everyone."

Well, when the #MeToo movement rolled around the following year, it all came back to me, as well as some whispers of the friend being "overly affectionate" with other women in our group.

Even though I had become friends with my boyfriend's friend by this time, it still upset me.

I told my boyfriend that he needed to talk to his friend. He did. He took him out for drinks and explained that his actions had hurt people, and if he continued, we wouldn't be able to socialize with him anymore.

It was a tough conversation, but in the end, his friend thanked my boyfriend for confronting him. He said he wasn't aware of just how hurtful his actions had been.


He apologized to me, as well as a few other women. He went to therapy. He changed.

Since that time, he has talked openly about the experience as a way of keeping himself accountable and passing on the lesson to other guys.

We still count him as one of our closest friends.

– A #metoo Success Story


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