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Ask Amy: Grandparents resent entitled child’s drama

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Granny: The best part of being a grandparent is also occasionally the most frustrating part: You are not the parent!

Yippee! You don’t have to deal with the daily stuff and nonsense of everyday parenting.

You have every right to share your own valuable perspective on parenting with your own children, but you can’t make them follow your own common-sense advice.

Now that these two grandchildren are older, it is appropriate for you to treat them individually, to forge more adultlike relationships with them, and to react with proportional consequences regarding their behavior – without resorting to “drama.”

So, if “Camille” refuses to be vaccinated, you can explain to her why this is necessary and how her vaccination status could have a direct impact on you.

If she continues to refuse the vaccine, you likely are not going to want to spend time in proximity to her.


That’s the logical consequence of her choice.

If the other granddaughter is more cooperative, interested in others, vaccinated, and easier to be around, then you are going to forge a closer relationship with her. I suggest you befriend her.

Dear Amy: I am writing in response to "Not Me, Too" whose male friend groped a woman she knew.

I relate to the groping victim in this story.


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