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Ask Amy: Husband has a ‘mommy’ problem

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My husband isn’t capable of speaking with ME about decisions in our marriage and insists on running to his mommy for everything.

Instead of planning events that he and I could attend, he has to ask his mommy. Instead of speaking to me about what’s going on in his life, it has to be mommy.

We’ve been together for eight years and married for six, and I cannot stand his constant need for his mommy’s input into OUR marriage.

His mom is great but doesn’t live with us, help with our kids, or pay our bills.

Am I wrong for feeling like I’m being treated as an outsider in my own marriage?

I’ve brought it up in the past but I’m “crazy” (in his words), and honestly I’m beginning to feel crazy in my marriage.


– Wife, Ready for Divorce

Dear Ready: I completely agree with you that your husband should not discuss private matters or plans for the future with his mother before discussing them with you. When he chooses to communicate with his mother instead of with you, he is essentially partnering with her.

However, as long as you belittle both him and his (“great”) mother with this snide “mommy” language instead of treating both of them as adults you are actually reinforcing the immature behavior.

Your husband’s reaction to you is a classic and unacceptable defensive posture. He is not only denying your right to react to his behavior, but he is offending you in the process.


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