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Ask Amy: Quinceanera guests’ drinks may drain dad’s funds

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My daughter is going to be celebrating her quinceanera this summer.

I am divorced from her mom, who has re-married and is extremely comfortable financially.

I do not begrudge her this and am happy for her new life.

To put it into perspective, she's bought a new home, put a pool in, traveled all around the country, etc.

On the other hand, things are very tight for me moneywise, and this costly celebration will put a strain on me.

While I'm happy to split most costs of the extravaganza 50-50 (as I should), I am only going to have about a dozen people present, while my ex-wife will have nearly 100.


My family drinks very little alcohol, while my ex's friends and family are known to go overboard in this area.

I fear the alcohol portion of the bill is going to be astronomical, and I am not convinced I should be expected to pay half of it.

I was curious if you agree with me and how I may go about approaching this with her so as not to ruffle feathers.

– High and Dry


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