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Ask Amy: Quinceanera guests’ drinks may drain dad’s funds

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

My apologies and explanations were for naught. They either didn’t believe me, or they took it so personally that in each case, the friendships were never the same and some dissolved entirely.

Mine is the cautionary tale. When I read a recent column of yours and saw your advice regarding hosts following up on invitations, my heart sang!

Yes, any would-be guest who has received a “Save the Date” but no actual wedding invitation should contact the couple to follow up.

But also, may I add that all future “marrieds-to-be” should absolutely CONTACT ALL GUESTS from whom they have not received a response!

– Save Some Heartache

Dear Save Some: This year especially, it is important that anyone planning – or planning to attend – an event should follow up to make sure they have all of the details correct.

Because of the pandemic, so many festivities (graduation parties, showers, and weddings) were canceled, rescheduled, scaled down, or scaled back up that it is extremely easy for guests and hosts to lose track.

So many people have lost so much. Anyone celebrating anything – anything at all – should do so with a grateful spirit and a full heart.

I hope we will all be as patient as possible as we enjoy our hopeful but fitful return to semi-normalcy.


Dear Amy: I was upset by your knee-jerk response to the “Gardener,” who saw two neighborhood boys stealing plants from her garden.

She should not contact the authorities. She should contact the parents.

– Plant the Seed

Dear Plant: This woman recognized, but didn’t know, these teens. I do not assume that these trespassers and petty thieves are headed for a life of crime. One reason I suggested contacting the local police office was to explore the possibility that there were other reports of plant theft from around their town.


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