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Ask Amy: Long-ago encounters may yield current offspring

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I have continued to say no, but he is getting angry with me and it’s causing tension between the two of us. Should I let his son stay over to keep the peace?

– Worried

Dear Worried: You delivered illegal drugs to a dealer in order to protect this young man from the consequences of his actions. If he committed a felony then, didn’t you do the same?

It seems (to me) that this young man easily drew you into his life of crime.

I agree with you that he probably should not stay with you; you two are obviously extremely vulnerable to engage in whatever behavior his poor judgment leads you to.

Dear Amy: I am writing regarding the letter from “ML,” who’s girlfriend of 10 years did not want to share Mother’s Day with his mother.

I am reminded of the story my sister told me. She asked her husband what he was getting her for Mother’s Day, and he responded, “You’re not my mother.”


ML should celebrate “his” mother, and his girlfriend should understand that.

– A Reader

Dear Reader: The younger woman’s selfishness was on full display.


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