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Ask Amy: Parents teach daughter how to be a 'sugar mama'

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Need Help: You seem to blame your daughter for your own behavior.

YOU are helping this man to be a deadbeat. YOU are his sugar mama (she is at school!). If this man is working, you should not be purchasing his toiletries.

You lack the fortitude to do anything about this (except complain), and yet you expect your daughter to behave differently.

You are teaching your daughter that it’s OK to enable behavior that goes against your own values.

You’ve been extremely generous. The sooner he transitions from your home to hers, the sooner your daughter will face the actual consequences of his entitlement, instead of just hearing you complain about it.

If she chooses to be the breadwinner, then it is her life. Wish them luck and let this go.


Dear Amy: I am a retail worker. I am also severely asthmatic.

As you can imagine, COVID has made this time intensely difficult for me.

Last weekend at work, several hours into my shift, I looked around my store and the amount of people not wearing a mask, despite it being a mandate in our state, was appalling.

Our store asks you to mask at the door, we offer masks for free, we offer many online services to mitigate in store shopping and yet the entitlement wins out.


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