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Ask Amy: Parents teach daughter how to be a 'sugar mama'

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I ended my shift in a panic attack.

I felt so much anger and resentment that my co-workers and I bust our backs day in and day out, pushing product to the floor, sanitizing our areas, working overtime, pushing ourselves as far as we can, with so many of us being high risk for COVID.

Customers call us heroes and know that the world wouldn't run without our hard work, yet despite everything we do for them, they can't be bothered to wear a mask for the 45 minutes they're in a store.

We wear our masks for eight-plus hours, yet a few minutes is too much for them.

Our health and safety doesn't matter, as long as we continue to serve them.

Amy, when did the world become so entitled? What happened to caring for other humans?


I beg of my fellow readers to please remember we are people too, and we deserve your consideration and respect.

— Burned Out

Dear Burned Out: I’m running your letter as a thank you to you and your fellow workers – and as a reminder of how important it is to respect the rules regarding mask-wearing.

This crisis has brought out the best in many, and the worst in others. I’m so sorry that front-line workers like you experience the impact of such selfishness.


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