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Ask Amy: Daughter worries about dad’s behavior

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My parents are in their late-50s. They live in their own home nearby. Their marriage has been rocky for many years. They seem to stay together mostly for financial reasons.

My husband and I have been very strict about contact since the pandemic started, especially because we had a new baby, born last year.

My mom helps out by providing childcare so that I can keep working.

She wants to be extra careful for the sake of our household, as well as her own.

The big problem is that my father thinks COVID is a joke. He won't social-distance or wear masks unless he is forced to.

He's acting childish and shows no concern for those around him, especially our young baby.


We stay away from him and won't visit their house, but I'm still incredibly worried for my mom's health!

She wears a mask whenever she's with me or the baby, and sometimes even in her own home.

I feel so helpless. I’ve begged her to come stay with us, but she doesn't want to let him feel like he "won" the house.

I honestly don't even care if my father gets sick at this point, but I'm very worried about what his behavior could do to my mom.


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