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Ask Amy: Matron of honor declines serving at summer wedding

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— Solitary Sister

Dear Sister: You should continue to reach out to your sister, but do so with sensitivity.

If your contact feels like pressure for her, it may cause her to pull further inward. Then neither of you will get what you need.

You could ask her if she would be willing to have a weekly phone call on a set schedule. Anticipating this regular contact might work well for both of you. If she doesn’t want this, or doesn’t respond, you should continue to contact — but not bombard — her with messages. Ask her only to promise to let you know if she is not well or needs help.

If you are spending time during the pandemic going through old family photos, as many of us are, sharing some of these might be a way in.

Definitely reach out to others in your circle. This extended period of isolation requires that we each find personal ports in the storm, and I hope that you and your sister each find yours.

Dear Amy: “Concerned” claimed to be worried about her sister’s struggle with obesity. Thank you for calling out her judgmental attitude.

I think it is also important that people realize that not all obesity is caused by overeating!


I am currently being treated for a metabolic disorder which has resulted in obesity. I do not overeat, and I am quite fit.

— Struggling

Dear Struggling: Thank you for pointing this out. Other readers have responded that obesity should not define anyone – and I completely agree.


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