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Ask Amy: First cancer hits, then heartbreak follows

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: Three years ago, I was diagnosed with bone cancer.

I went through 2-1/2 years of chemotherapy and six months of stem cell treatment.

I am now deemed to be cancer-free, and I feel great compared to how I felt in those three years.

During that time, I was with a woman (for eight years). We did everything together: Movies, dinners, road trips. Never had an argument. Never raised our voices at each other. My family and friends all loved her, as did I.

She treated me lovingly when I was sick, but of course when I was ill, I couldn't do the things we used to do. I hated that. My sex drive was gone. But I got better. I started feeling like my old self.

Then I was hit with a bombshell. She left me two months after I got well.


I was crushed. Heartbroken. I cried like a baby. I asked her why, and she said she felt like she was only existing. not living.

But I was getting better!

I think that she met someone while I was ill, and she chose the other person. It hurts so deeply. My family, friends and her daughter were devastated.

She said, "We both need to move on with our lives,” and I’m trying, but it’s hard.


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