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Water view creates neighborly obstruction

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I live near a lovely bay. My neighbors on the bay side have unobstructed views.

I live across the street, so I only have a pocket view, which gives me enormous pleasure. I love it so much, that I added 50 feet to my kitchen several years ago to expand my view.

Unfortunately, my across-the-street neighbor has a huge tree which is quickly expanding horizontally, thus blocking out more and more of my view with every month. Soon the view will disappear.

I have spoken to this neighbor a number of times. I invited her to my house so she could see the problem for herself.

She says the tree screens her view of her next-door neighbor's house.

It is clear that the "original" tree served this purpose, but it is also clear that the new growth does not add additional screening.


She is adamant, hostile and attacking when I broach the subject, and she recently called me a whacko for suggesting that I pay for a tree trim with an arborist of her choice.

I would love to engage in mediation with her (we have a free community mediation service), but I know from previous conversations that this suggestion would only enrage her.

I feel confident that her husband would be more accommodating, but she is the one who calls the shots.

I have thought of sending them a joint email since he probably doesn't know about this situation, and certainly doesn't know about her offensive behavior.


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