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Hotel guest finds Do Not Disturb sign disturbing

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I am a licensed clinical social worker. I strongly disagree with your advice to "Upset SIL." A year ago, she and her husband thought they saw photos of naked young girls on his brother's iPad.

They should not speak with the brother, but instead make an anonymous report to the child abuse authorities and let them investigate.

If they confront him, it's possible he would deny it and then delete the material.

Let's hope it is something very innocent. They will find that out. On the other had it could be a lot more and if the material is there it could lead to a ring of child pornographers.

Thank you for encouraging them/her to take action. So many children are hurt because people don't. This is one area where anonymous reporting is OK and may be for the best.


-- Social Worker

Dear Social Worker: This couple had been thinking and talking about this for a year. Thank you for clarifying how they should react to their suspicions. I completely agree.


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