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Hotel guest finds Do Not Disturb sign disturbing

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

[I'll close with my own regular plea to always tip the cleaning staff. Even if you hole up in your room and never encounter them, a minimum of $2 for each day of your stay is thoughtful.]

Dear Amy: I recently discovered that my husband has been on several dating sites.

He said he was bored and wanted to see what's out there.

He has since deleted the accounts.

What do you think?

-- Worried Wife


Dear Worried: There is no crime in being bored and idly Googling old romantic connections -- to see how badly they have aged. (I hope I'm not the only person who has done this.)

What your husband has apparently done is to sign up for several dating sites. Even if he is only browsing the sites without registering, he still has to surrender his phone number or email address -- or sign in through a third-party site like Facebook -- to do so. He is handing over potentially valuable personal data.

Most importantly, he says he is bored. This calls for some follow-up on your part.

Don't panic. Do talk about this.


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