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Hoarding disorder creates messy situation

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My son and my oldest daughter, "Kelsie," share an apartment.

I live in another state.

I'm worried about Kelsie. She has always been extremely messy. I have learned that issues with hoarding/OCD may be inherited, and I always assumed that Kelsie's issues were passed down through her father.

Kelsie's problem has gotten worse over the years, with rotting food in the refrigerator, broken appliances, and plumbing, etc.

Kelsie isn't a "collector," so much as she never throws anything away.

If her cat was a child, CPS would have taken the animal away from her.


My son now spends most of his time elsewhere.

He and my other daughter have asked me to pull the "mom card" and see if I can reach Kelsie to get help.

Because she and I work together (in different locations, remotely), we will be sharing a hotel at an upcoming meeting, so I will have the opportunity to speak with her.

I am not afraid of the conversation. I love her and hope she can get help, but I don't know what help is available.


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