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Hoarding disorder creates messy situation

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I've never seen or experienced such toxicity, chaos, or stress on a job.

Here's the rub: I was a favorite. I received some poor treatment, but due to the boss' arbitrary favorites system, I mostly witnessed others being treated badly. There was no HR department to report anything to because of the size of the company. People either were miserable or left. If we questioned things, we got our heads bitten off.

I would like to prevent others from experiencing this, but I don't want it to cause any retribution for Company X's current employees.

I don't even want to hurt the people who acted poorly -- I just want to protect future "victims." What do you think?

-- Happily Gone

Dear Gone: For people who don't know, Glassdoor is a rating system for companies, where employees can post (anonymous) reviews.

I fail to see a downside of you posting a realistic review of this company. The only thing that seems to prevent you from doing so is your continued instinct to go-along to get-along (which might be one reason you were a witness to this abuse, rather than a target).

Dear Amy: "Upset SIL" and her husband thought they saw child porn on his brother's iPad.


My grandniece was repeatedly molested by her grandfather when she was less than two years old. He went to jail.

On his release, he immediately started to try to reintegrate with the family.

Upset and her husband need to break contact with his brother whether they report him or not. Ideally, they should contact agencies in their community.

-- Horrified

Dear Horrified: I agree.


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