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Wife's presence in the dojo leads to trouble at home

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

-- BYOB or SOL

Dear BYOB: To me, it sounds as if your response was good-natured and very much in the trendy, bartering spirit of the place. If she didn't have a beverage to trade, if she had been clever she could have offered to pay you for it, sing a song for your group, give you a sketch of an empty wine glass or perhaps trade a special cerulean paint mixture of her own devising in exchange for the drink.

The friend who thought you were rude to the interloper could have also offered up one of her beverages.

Dear Amy: You were harsh in your answer to "Worried Husband," who worried about the health risks of his wife, who had put on weight. Essentially, you said that her weight is none of his business. Would you have responded the same way if his wife was a smoker?

-- Disappointed

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Dear Disappointed: Essentially, yes. This husband wanted to continue to educate his wife about the health risks of extra weight. I responded that his wife likely already knows the health risks. The same goes for smoking.


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