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4 watermelon tricks for finding one that’s perfectly sweet and juicy

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You know summer has arrived with the season’s first bite of watermelon. It’s so disappointing when that bite is dry, underripe and lacking sweetness.

With a few watermelon tricks from the National Watermelon Promotion Board and Lee Wroten, vice president of Global Produce Sales in Lakeland, Florida, you’ll know how to pick a perfect watermelon that’s brimming with sweetness and juice.

The next time you head to the grocery store or farmers market, keep the four S’s in mind. They’ll help you learn how to pick a ripe watermelon with the best flavor.

Watermelon tricks for finding the perfect melon

1. Sheen

“A watermelon tends to lose its natural sheen and color over time,” Wroten says. Look for a fruit that’s shiny and vibrant in color when picking a watermelon to enjoy this summer. If the skin appears dull or doesn't have much color, the watermelon is a little past its prime and won’t be as juicy as other fruits. A few scratches are OK, but avoid any melons with bruises, dents, or any cuts that punctured the rind.

2. Shading

Look for a creamy yellow spot on one side of the melon whenever you want to pick a ripe watermelon. This is the side of the melon resting on the ground as it grows; the spot turns yellow as the watermelon ripens, so a sunny yellow shade is a sign of a juicy, ripe melon. If the spot is pale white, the watermelon was picked before it could fully ripen on the vine. The top should also be a bright green hue with well-defined stripes.

3. Sound


The knock test is a well-known watermelon trick for picking the best melon. It takes a little practice to master, but it can help you choose a juicy melon. Before taking a watermelon home, give it a pat and listen for a hollow, drumlike ring. A flat or dead thud can clue you in about bruising, overripeness, or a lack of juiciness.

4. Size

Because 92% of a watermelon is (appropriately) water, the fruit should feel heavy relative to its size. Lift up the melon: If it feels heavier than you expected and meets the other criteria above, proceed to the checkout line. If it seems light, keep looking to pick a juicy watermelon; the lack of weight means the watermelon may not be as juicy.

How to prep and store watermelon

In addition to these four watermelon tricks, remember to avoid wet, dented, bruised or cracked melons. Also, wash your melon before cutting into it. Like avocados, if the outside of your watermelon isn’t clean before making the first cut, your knife can transfer bacteria from the rind to the juicy fruit inside.

Once you’ve chosen a melon to bring home, refrigerate the whole fruit for up to four days to help it stay fresh. If you plan to use the watermelon soon, it can be stored on the counter or in the pantry for one to two days. After cutting up the melon, slices will keep in the fridge for up to three days as long as they’re tightly wrapped or kept in a covered container.

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