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5 ways to achieve perfect scrambled eggs

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Have you ever wondered how to replicate those perfect scrambled eggs from your favorite brunch spot? What’s the trick to getting them to be so fluffy and flavorful? Whether you’re an amateur chef or someone who rarely cooks, whipping up a classic scramble may seem straightforward, but there are a few proper cooking methods that can help you achieve those silky, mouthwatering eggs every time.

How to make better scrambled eggs at home

Eggs may seem like the easiest thing to make, but the truth is, the perfect soft scramble requires a bit of practice and a lot of patience. Most people cook their eggs for far too long or on high heat, which is why they might taste dry and bland.

Christopher Koetke, executive chef at Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America, says it’s all about how long the eggs are cooked. “The key is to cook the eggs to a gentle curd that retains enough moisture so they’re soft and succulent,” he shares. Koetke suggests cooking them over moderate to low heat so they cook slowly, and you can better control the consistency.

Some tips:

1. Don’t leave scrambled eggs on the stove too long.


Chef Markee Manaloto of the Filipino-Japanese Izakaya Gugu Room in Manhattan, has an alternative method. “To make the best scrambled eggs, heat a pan with oil and crack the eggs directly into the pan — one by one. Then, over a bit of heat, scramble the eggs with either a spatula or chopsticks for 30 seconds and then remove from the stove.” Manaloto explains that by removing the pan from the heat, it will help prevent overcooking the eggs and give them more volume.

2. Make soft scrambled eggs by moving the pan.

If you’re someone who prefers their eggs on the softer side, chef and owner, Diana Manalang, of Manhattan-based Little Chef, Little Cafe, uses a combination of olive oil and butter over medium-low heat and makes sure to constantly stir the eggs. Manalang recommends keeping the heat medium-low to ensure the pan stays warm (not hot) and to “make sure the eggs are moving to stay custardy and not overcook.”

3. Use a whisk to make fluffy scrambled eggs.


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