Captain Comics: What to watch after cutting the cord

By Andrew A. Smith, Tribune News Service on

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Recently I cut the cable cord. And the universe rewarded me for it.

Well, that's my interpretation for the coincidence that every genre show I intend to watch in December is available on a streaming service, as opposed to network or cable. I won't miss a beat for at least a month, and save money, too. Here's the lineup:


Season 5 premieres Dec. 17 on Amazon Prime.

Sadly, this is the penultimate season. Sad, because "The Expanse" is one of the best shows on television. You don't have to take my word for it. Watch a few episodes, and you'll be hooked.



Season 2 ends Dec. 20 on HBO/HBO Max.

After the disappointing attempt to adapt Philip Pullman's fantasy trilogy to the big screen ("The Golden Compass," 2007), I didn't expect much from the TV adaptation. I was wrong.

Two big points in its favor: 1) While adapted from young adult material, "Dark Materials" is a production for adults; and 2) Dafne Keen.

Keen startled audiences with her scene-stealing appearances in "Logan," where the young actress could snap from innocent to feral and back again in heartbeats, like flipping a light switch. She was pre-adolescent then, and is all of 15 now, but remains the most arresting figure in any scene she's in.


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