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From rotten teeth to advanced cancer, patients feel the effects of treatment delays

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With medical visits picking up again among patients vaccinated against COVID-19, health providers are starting to see the consequences of a year of pandemic-delayed preventive and emergency care as they find more advanced cancer and rotting and damaged teeth, among other ailments.

Dr. Brian Rah, chair of the cardiology department at Montana’s...Read more

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Commentary: US health care sector combatting one crisis, but contributing to another: climate change

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Without meaningful changes, climate change will soon become a public health emergency with the potential to disrupt billions of lives. Climate-influenced disasters such as wildfires and hurricanes are already damaging ecosystems and harming Americans. Leaders within each area of the economy must examine their industry’s role in climate change,...Read more


Ask the Pediatrician: What's the best sleep position for a baby with reflux?

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Q: My baby has reflux. How should I put him to sleep?

A: Naturally, you want to do whatever you can to keep your baby safe. And if your baby is one of the many who have reflux ― also called gastroesophageal reflux (GER) ― there are a fair share of myths and misconceptions out there when it comes to sleeping positions.

First, without ...Read more

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What to know about COVID-19 variants

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So far, roughly 213 million COVID-19 vaccines have been administered in the United States, with more than a quarter of the nation fully vaccinated. The virus is still spreading, with cases rising in many parts of the country.

Each time the virus transmits is another opportunity for a mutation to occur, potentially creating a new — and ...Read more


Reports shows Americans gained weight during pandemic

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With so many people spending their days kitchen-adjacent, readily indulging in fat- and carb-laden comfort foods, the "quarantine 15" was expected early in the pandemic.

But a survey by the American Psychological Association showed that some people gained almost double that, sparking concern over the long-term health impact of these stressful ...Read more

Against the clock: A doctor's quest to get homebound residents vaccinated

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PHILADELPHIA — Tarik Khan rushed to his car, carrying 10 syringes full of the coronavirus vaccine. He had only six hours to get them into the arms of some of Philadelphia's most vulnerable residents.

The family nurse practitioner climbed behind the wheel and turned the ignition. The gas light flashed on — already, a delay getting shots to ...Read more

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Shingles is not caused by COVID-19 vaccines. Here's the science

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Physicians in Israel recently reported that six women with autoimmune disorders developed the painful rash known as shingles 3 to 14 days after they received a first or second dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.

Yikes! Traditional and social media — not to mention vaccine foes — have pounced on the small study, warning that COVID-19 ...Read more

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Connecticut lawmakers vote to declare racism a public health crisis and create special commission to study racial health disparities

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HARTFORD, Conn. — Prompted by wide racial health disparities during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, a key legislative committee voted Wednesday to declare racism as a public health crisis in Connecticut and create a special, 28-member commission to study the issue.

Since the pandemic started more than a year ago, a far higher percentage of ...Read more

Love those lentils!

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Lentils are a good source of fiber and many powerful plant compounds.

The folklore

Lentils are the oldest cultivated legume, dating as far back as 8,000 B.C. Not only have they have been Biblically and historically referenced, they have sustained ancient cultures all over the globe and are now hugely popular in the U.S. High in protein and ...Read more

6 reasons spring is the best time of year to lose weight

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You’ve heard the expression timing is everything, right? That’s never truer than when it comes to losing weight. And with spring underway and summer on the horizon, you’re smack in the middle of the best time of the year to drop pounds.

Longer days and sunnier skies prompt changes to your brain and body that can make losing weight easier ...Read more

Getting the best treatment for your fibromyalgia

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Imagine being in pain and none of your doctors can find a clear reason for it. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon experience for many of the four million Americans living with fibromyalgia, a chronic, painful condition.

People with fibromyalgia experience widespread pain, aches, and stiffness in muscles and joints throughout the body, as ...Read more

Mayo Clinic Q&A: Is it possible to develop beesting allergies later in life?

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DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I am 52 years old and recently experienced a severe reaction when I was stung by a bee. I do not have any other allergies and I do not recall having a reaction to a beesting as a child. Is it normal to become allergic later in life? Is there anything I should do to protect myself from now on?

ANSWER: Although it’s uncommon ...Read more

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Why some health care workers were reluctant to get COVID shots

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SEATTLE — After a horrific onslaught of COVID-19 killed the majority of residents at a small nursing home in Grant County, Washington, facility director Erica Gaertner couldn't wait to roll up her sleeve when the first vaccines rolled out.

"I thought, naively I suppose, that everybody else would just fall in line," she said. "But here I sit ...Read more


National suicide rate shows two-year decline, but not all Americans are benefiting

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When the pandemic lockdown led to high unemployment numbers and strict social distancing measures, public health experts warned of a coming mental health crisis. However, recent provisional data from the National Vital Statistics System published by JAMA Network showed that suicide deaths dropped 5.6% in the last year — from 47,511 in 2019 to ...Read more

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It's too soon to declare herd immunity against COVID-19. My blood helps explain why

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott caused a stir recently when he said his state was "very close" to achieving herd immunity against COVID-19, that much-discussed but often-misunderstood goal that we've all been anticipating for months. If so, other states would be even closer, to judge by the numbers who have been infected, vaccinated, or both.

Could ...Read more


Mayo Clinic Minute: What is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy?

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Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a genetic heart disease that occurs in 1 in 500 people, and in some cases, you might not even be aware that you have it. People with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy have an abnormal arrangement of heart muscle cells that usually is caused by gene mutations that make the heart grow abnormally thick.

Hypertrophic ...Read more

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Your post-vaccine activities safety guide, including gyms, shopping, taking an Uber, and more

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PHILADELPHIA — Getting vaccinated comes as a huge relief. You finally have physical protection against a virus that has haunted us for over a year.

Naturally, you're probably thinking about what you're going to do first. Once two weeks have passed following your second dose (or one Johnson & Johnson dose), you're considered fully vaccinated....Read more

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COVID: Risk of transmission lower when middle seats on planes are empty, CDC study says

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The last U.S. airline to maintain a social-distancing policy of leaving middle seats empty to lower COVID-19 risk is set to start filling them next month, just weeks after a new federal study found evidence that greater spacing can greatly reduce virus transmission.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study published last week ...Read more


Mayo Clinic Q And A: Should pregnant women be vaccinated for COVID-19?

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DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I am a teacher at a middle school that is teaching students in person. I have been vigilant about following safety guidelines, but now that I am pregnant, I worry even more about contracting COVID-19 and the risk to my baby. Our state is opening up COVID-19 vaccines to educators, and I am wondering whether it is safe for me to ...Read more