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Would these new proposals help keep e-cigarettes away from Kentucky kids?

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Would prohibiting the sale of flavored liquids for e-cigarettes help curb the onslaught of addiction among Kentucky teens? What about raising the minimum age for purchase from 18 to 21?

At a conference on e-cigarettes use among teens recently in Louisville, officials from the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky and Kentucky Youth Advocates ...Read more

Care with a side of comfort promises big savings in health costs

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WASHINGTON -- As state and federal officials increasingly search for ways to curb rising health care costs, a decades-old idea is gaining traction: helping people with challenges that have nothing to do with medical care but everything to do with their health.

Insurers are taking steps as simple as paying for hot meal deliveries and outreach to...Read more

San Diego County works with Mexico to avert health crisis at migrant camps

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SAN DIEGO -- Two months pregnant, Jessica Mejia of Honduras received flu and tetanus vaccinations and prenatal vitamins in the health clinic at Tijuana's El Barretal shelter Friday.

She was one of many in the 6,000-strong migrant caravan to receive checkups, medications and even minor surgery from a growing set of medical services that added a ...Read more

Oxybutynin lessens hot flash frequency, improves breast cancer survivor quality of life, Mayo-led study finds

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SAN ANTONIO -- Research led by oncologists Roberto Leon-Ferre, M.D. and Charles Loprinzi, M.D. of Mayo Clinic has found that the drug oxybutynin helps to reduce the frequency and intensity of hot flashes in women who are unable to take hormone replacement therapy, including breast cancer survivors. These findings were presented at the 2018 San ...Read more

US move to restrict immigrants' healthcare access would hit California's economy, study says

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Rules that could give immigrants reason to avoid enrolling in health safety-net programs would deliver a blow to California's economy, costing the state thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in economic output, a new study concluded.

Under the rules proposed by the U.S. Homeland Security Department, immigrants who enroll themselves or their...Read more

Home remedies: Cold remedies that work

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Cold remedies are almost as common as the common cold, but are they effective? Nothing can cure a cold, but there are some remedies that might help ease your symptoms and keep you from feeling so miserable. Here's a look at some common cold remedies and what's known about them.

If you catch a cold, you can expect to be sick for one to two weeks...Read more

Youth sports injuries can turn into chronic problems, doctors warn

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Leo Anderson was in the middle of a baseball game when he threw a ball he had just caught, heard a crunch in his elbow and fell to the ground.

That sound was a growth plate in his elbow breaking, and it ended the now-15-year-old's season last spring.

Doctors said the break was caused by overuse, and the Highland Park, Ill., teenager had ...Read more

Surgery to remove wisdom teeth puts some teens and young adults on a path to opioid abuse

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For older teenagers and young adults, the extraction of wisdom teeth is a painful rite of passage. A new study suggests that it's probably made more perilous by the narcotic pain pills that patients frequently carry home after the common surgical procedure.

The study offers new evidence of how readily -- and innocently -- a potentially fatal ...Read more

Recall on blood pressure medications expanded to include all lots due to cancer concern

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A week after two more blood pressure drugs were recalled because they have a possible cancer-causing ingredient, the U.S. based Mylan Pharmaceuticals expanded its consumer-level voluntary nationwide recall to include all lots of Valsartan-containing products within dates of expiration.

Some of the batches aren't due to expire until August 2020....Read more

Mayo Clinic Q&A: Even the young and healthy benefit from the flu vaccine

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Dear Mayo Clinic: I am 28 and healthy. I have never gotten a flu shot and have never had the flu. Do I really need a flu vaccination? My employer is recommending it for everyone, but I am hesitant. I have heard some people get sick from the actual vaccination.

A: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now recommends that everyone 6 ...Read more

Q&A: Sleep-friendly routines may help child fall asleep more easily

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Dear Mayo Clinic: My 12-year-old son goes to bed each night around 10 p.m. but usually cannot fall asleep until 1 or 2 in the morning. Is this normal for a "tween," or should I talk to his doctor? What are some things that could cause insomnia in someone his age?

A: Lots of children your son's age have trouble falling asleep easily at night. In...Read more

Q&A: Successful pancreas transplant can restore body's ability to secrete insulin

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Dear Mayo Clinic: My wife is 31 and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 7. She had a baby three months ago, and her blood sugar levels were never really controlled. Doctors tested her kidney function and said there is "a little damage" but nothing to worry about. They said a pancreas transplant might be an option. How risky is this? What ...Read more

Q&A: Talk with your doctor about risks and benefits of daily aspirin

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Dear Mayo Clinic: Should I be taking a daily aspirin even if I've never had heart issues? I am a 62-year-old woman with no health problems, and I exercise daily. My husband takes an aspirin every day and thinks I should do the same.

A: For people who do not have heart disease, the United States Preventive Services Task Force does recommend that...Read more

Q&A: There are new vaccine options to help protect against influenza

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Dear Mayo Clinic: I've read that there will be new options for getting the flu vaccine this year, including one for people who have egg allergies. How are these new vaccines different, and how do I know which one to pick? How do researchers know they will be safe?

A: You're right. Several new vaccine options will be offered to help protect you ...Read more

Q&A: Very little known about health effects of e-cigarettes

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Dear Mayo Clinic: I've been a smoker for years. I'm thinking about switching to electronic cigarettes or to a nicotine inhaler because I've heard they aren't as bad for you as regular cigarettes. Is that true?

A: Electronic cigarettes and nicotine inhalers both deliver nicotine to your body without tobacco. But that's where the similarity ends....Read more

Apple watch monitors falls, track heart rhythms

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For more than a decade, the latest Apple products have been the annual must-have holiday gift for the tech-savvy. That raises the question: Is the newest Apple Watch on your list -- either to give or receive -- this year?

At first glance, the watch appears to be an ideal present for Apple's most familiar market: the hip early adopters. Its ...Read more

Q&A: Work with your doctor to weigh pros, cons of treatment options for hyperthyroidism

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Dear Mayo Clinic: I have had hyperthyroidism for just over one year, and medication does not seem to keep it in check. I do not want to have my thyroid removed. But I'm nervous about radioactive iodine treatment, which is what was recommended. Is it safe? What are the risks?

A: Radioactive iodine is a safe, proven and effective treatment for ...Read more

Can spending 72 hours in Minnesota's woods decrease stress? We tested the idea

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"What I didn't expect was to feel so completely in the moment," Laura said.

My friend and I were walking along a forest path and had stopped to photograph lichens on a fallen branch. Behind us, the Cross River burbled toward Lake Superior. The sun broke through clouds. We'd just spent nearly an hour on a rocky beach watching salmon spawn and ...Read more

Illinois doctors say Trump immigration proposal already scaring away patients

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CHICAGO -- Within days of arriving in Chicago from Honduras, the 12-year-old boy sat in Dr. Sue Haverkamp's office, getting a physical.

Haverkamp learned the boy had a history of chest pain and heart palpitations. She told his mother that she'd refer him to a cardiologist once he was on Medicaid.

"She looked at me and said, 'I'm not applying ...Read more

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