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Women's wellness: understand symptoms and risk factors for heart attack

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Although heart disease can often be thought of as a problem for men, heart disease is the most common cause of death for both women and men in the United States. One challenge is that some heart disease symptoms in women may be different from those in men. Fortunately, women can take steps to understand their unique symptoms of heart disease and...Read more

Mayo clinic minute: winter skin protection tips

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Winter weather changes can negatively affect the skin – the body's largest organ.

Colder temperatures and a lack of moisture in the air can damage unprotected skin, especially on the face and hands.

They're the wounds in an annual battle with dry winter air.

"When the temperature drops, the humidity tends to drop with it," says Dr. Dawn ...Read more

Children's Hospital support program for sick kids is winner of NFL fans' largesse

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MINNEAPOLIS -- Caitlin Pichner watched as her 2-year-old son zoomed toy cars on a racetrack, then shot baskets on a plastic hoop, then played with a Mickey Mouse figure, then raced cars some more.

Distractions like that are golden for Damian Bridges when his blood sugar plummets because of hypoglycemia -- days when he otherwise doesn't want to ...Read more

Cancer blood test is an important step forward

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An experimental blood test to detect eight types of cancer is being called "encouraging." A study published in the journal Science shows researchers developed a single blood test to screen common cancers in their early stages. Dr. Aleksandar Sekulic, deputy director for the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center in Arizona says the work is promising and ...Read more

Infectious diseases A-Z: What parents should know about bronchiolitis

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Seasonal influenza isn't the only viral illness to watch out for this winter, especially if you have young children and infants. Bronchiolitis is a viral infection that causes an inflammation of the small airways in the lungs. It can affect people of all ages, but the most severe symptoms usually occur in young children and infants.

"...Read more

Future of pill-induced abortion: Women can already receive pills by mail in 4 states, what's next?

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A teenager whose mother had trouble getting her to an abortion clinic during normal business hours.

A busy professional who couldn't leave work until 4 p.m.

A mother with young children, no child care and no car.

All of these Maine women recently had abortions in the privacy of their own homes, without having to step foot in an abortion ...Read more

Forget concussions: The real risk of CTE comes from repeated hits to the head, study shows

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For more than a decade, researchers trying to make sense of the mysterious degenerative brain disease afflicting football players and other contact-sport athletes have focused on the threat posed by concussions. But new research suggests that attention was misguided.

Instead of concerning themselves with the dramatic collisions that cause ...Read more

UnitedHealth Group and Walgreens expand collaboration to Las Vegas

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UnitedHealth Group's growing network of urgent care clinics is opening four locations in Las Vegas as part of an emerging collaboration with pharmacy giant Walgreens.

The new MedExpress clinics will be co-located with Walgreens stores in Las Vegas, the company announced Thursday. MedExpress and Walgreens already have co-located businesses in 11...Read more

When food stamps pass as tickets to better health

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Rebeca Gonzalez grew up eating artichokes from her grandmother's farm in the central Mexican state of Tlaxcala. But for years after immigrating to the U.S., she did not feed them to her own kids because the spiky, fibrous vegetables were too expensive on this side of the border.

When she prepared meals at her family's home in Garden Grove, ...Read more

Postcard from Sacramento: Alzheimer's 'looks like me, it looks like you'

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Until last year, Jackie Coleman was a disability rights lawyer -- a good one, too.

"I was an excellent attorney," recalled the 63-year-old Rancho Cordova, Calif., resident who loved her job and was proud of the work she did.

But a little over a year ago, she started to forget appointments and details from meetings, and ...Read more

Number of Americans without health insurance grows in Trump's first year, new figures show

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WASHINGTON -- The number of Americans without health coverage, which declined for years after passage of the Affordable Care Act, shot up in President Donald Trump's first year in office, according to data from a new national survey.

At the end of 2017, 12.2 percent of U.S. adults lacked health insurance, up from 10.9 percent at the end of 2016...Read more

Questions about qualifications could derail Trump's Indian Health nominee

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President Donald Trump's nominee to oversee health care services for 2 million Native Americans -- who already faces questions about whether he is qualified -- did not disclose donations to the Trump campaign in his official Senate questionnaire.

Robert Weaver, a health insurance salesman and consultant who was nominated in October to lead the ...Read more

Nature boosts your mental health, and you don't even have to leave the city to reap the benefits

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Good news, urbanites! New research suggests that you don't have to leave the city to reap some of the benefits of being in nature.

Simply listening to the chirping of birds, glimpsing the sky and even noticing a scrawny city tree can boost your mental well-being, according to a report published Tuesday in the journal Bioscience.

To come to ...Read more

Health care overhaul appears unlikely before midterm elections

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WASHINGTON -- Republicans are at risk of facing voters this year with no cohesive strategy to fulfill their seven-year campaign promise to repeal and replace the 2010 health care law or address the rising cost of health care.

Following a meeting at Camp David over the weekend between President Donald Trump and top congressional leaders, members...Read more

Experts, industry push back on health insurance proposal

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WASHINGTON -- Industry groups and policy experts are questioning a Trump administration proposal on health insurance even as it garners accolades from congressional Republicans.

The proposed rule, announced on Thursday, would loosen regulations under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, or ERISA, that govern association health plans. ...Read more

College students today are bigger perfectionists than their parents — but it's not all Instagram's fault

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Alison Malmon was wrapping up the end of her freshman year at the University of Pennsylvania in 2000 when she got the news: Her older brother Brian, a student at Columbia University, killed himself.

He'd struggled for years with mental illness, Malmon said, but concealed his symptoms. Determined to help, Malmon formed a group at Penn a year-and...Read more

Black Girl In Om prioritizes wellness for women of color

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CHICAGO -- On a mild Sunday last May, I walked into a room filled with black and brown faces. Women with shea butter-kissed skin and tresses ranging from afros to twists to braids to locs perched on yoga mats, some stretching, others sitting serenely, looking around the room in anticipation. Apart from my sister at my side, I didn't know anyone ...Read more

Life-threatening E. coli outbreak may be linked to romaine lettuce

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An outbreak of E. coli infections in the U.S. may be linked to romaine lettuce, Consumer Reports warns.

A multi-state outbreak of Shiga toxin-producing E. coli infections -- possibly linked to romaine lettuce -- has caused the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Food and Drug Administration and several states to begin investigating.

...Read more

With proposed new rules, Trump administration opens door to skimpier health plans

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WASHINGTON -- The Trump administration moved Thursday to further loosen regulations on health insurance plans, taking a modest step toward the president's oft-stated goal of rolling back requirements imposed by the Affordable Care Act that many Republicans blame for high premiums.

The proposed rules posted Thursday by the Department of Labor ...Read more